Lets Start by Being Honest with Ourselves.

As an addict we willingly give in to that “voice” in our mind that reassures us, this time it’s going to be okay, this time it’s different. What’s a couple drinks, a laugh, a few bumps. I got this. This time it’s different…..

Hours later that same “voice” tells you how stupid and fucked up you are. What a mess you’ve made of your life. Worthless. It promises you it is the last time….

Saying No.
Alright, now we’re aware. Our lives are not being fulfilled with a bottle of Jameson, 6 lagers and a gram of Cauchi. I discovered first and foremost the true being can only begin to uncover if it shines some light on the admittance.. Houston, we have a problem here. Awareness people. How can we begin to heal ourselves if we are oblivious to our delusional lifestyle in the first place? Now, it gets a bit deeper than just sitting in a room full of people who house the same demons you do on a daily basis and putting your hand up admitting you think, you may, possibly, mostly, do have a problem. It comes down to whether you hang a right or a left at the end of service. Every single one of you reading this that comes from the restaurant industry will know that adrenaline high from a busy service and what better way to come down than to spend all the cash you made that night, start a whole new batch of rumours n gossip because you have nothing else to talk about and than drink yourself to sleep. 

Why do we keep entertaining these demons of self sabotage? Stay tuned to discover how you can turn left instead of right and fall asleep with self worth instead of self loath and I promise a few good laughs in between… because smiling looks good on you!

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